My name is Alejandro,
I am an author-designer and cultural mediator from Mexico with experience in project management for children’s art education.
I was born May 4th, 1999 in Ottawa Canada to a Mexican family. As a kid, I liked staging plays with my toys or filming my pets in funny movies. And after years of learning more about movies and theater, I made my own little short film at age 9 and sent it to a Latin American Children’s Film Festival, which I had the amazing honor of being invited to.
This experience made me look forward to get involved in the future in cultural projects like that festival, and now, that is in the making!
I have recently finished my Bachelor of Arts, a career that allowed me to pursue both cultural management and art within one same discipline. In Cultural Mediation and Art Education, I have experience in museum projects, educational content design and strategy, as well as work with children, youth, and socially vulnerable populations.
I am currently about to complete my first year in the Interpreting and Translation industry, a profession that has helped me gain a better insight into cross-cultural connections and communication.
On this page, I will be showcasing my creative portfolio (which I’m currently working on expanding) and some other cool stuff that I am up to.
Currently, I’m based in the beautiful state of Colima, Mexico.
Here is my CV, and my contact information. 😊

Me and Backy, my best friend. 🖤

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